Holiday Home Preview

November 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here’s a peek of what’s going on at home…we started unpacking the Christmas ornaments on Thanksgiving and decorating in earnest.  Still some things to do…but its a lot of fun setting it up.  Christmas is such a kid centered holiday, but growing up, I couldn’t wait until I was adult and could have my holiday, my way.  In fact, in my college dorm, I was the one with the fully decorated tree, including presents beneath, with hot chocolate brewing in my mini microwave…I’ve always been a nest maker – trying to build roots wherever I went.  The store can be a bit traditional for my taste, so at home I have free range.  Most of what I like is candy colored and packed with glitter.  I have a lot of vintage ornaments that I’ve happily married with new acquisitions from the shop.  A lot of people ask me what’s my decorating secret at the store and home…um, here it goes…see an empty spot?  shove something glittery in it.  (and that’s 4 years of design school talking!)

The one challenge at home though is cats.  We have three – and basically, in years past, my tabletop tinsel tree is just a big ol’ giant cat toy.  We’ve stopped putting anything breakable on the actual tree and moved those types to a garland over the doorway – which everyone raves about to me.  So far, the tree this year has been knocked over 2-1/2 times…not by the cats…by me!  I say 2-1/2 because I caught it once…so, I guess this is a good system for the clumsy.

–Lisa LeBlanc

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Retro Revamp

August 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Isn’t this the cutest chair?  This is one of the pieces Marie brought me this past week and its redone beautifully…sanded and painted then reupholstered with this sweet floral fabric.  I had a some serious interest in it yesterday morning; a young lady came in and wanted a full set just like it…could we order it or make it?  Unfortunately, no…it’s vintage and rare to have the stars align to find matching sets, let alone upholstery.  She still wanted it and took some snaps but needed to ask her husband *facepalm*.  Its $28.  If he says no, I say it’s grounds for divorce.

–Lisa LeBlanc

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Jangala Rose

January 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

Back in my former life of being an interior designer, I saw in a magazine, the most lovely wall covering and being said interior designer and lusting over silly things such as interior finishes, I immediately requested samples from the manufacturer, Osbourne and Little.  Which I’m sure from their lack of response AND samples (and probably hysterical laughter from my inquiry), that the little firm I worked for was not high-end enough to even be in the same room with their products.  At least that’s what it felt like.

Anyway, years later…would you believe I’m still thinking about this wall covering?  It’s called Jangala Rose, now discontinued; you can get 3-4 colorways still but very much muted from the original offering.  I just adore it…it is Botanical, Asian, English…simple, vintage inspired, yet modern too.  Soooo, since it is highly unlikely I will actually get my hands on the real deal and now being a product designer, I want to do something inspired by this print to pay homage in away (and wouldn’t it be nice if it was something more accessible than something like $72 a roll?).  I’ll let you know how it goes…in the meantime, I hope you are inspired too!

–Lisa LeBlanc

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